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Thank you for helping us prioritize the health and safety of everyone at Hora Shalosh.


All Hora Shalosh participants are required to show proof of an initial COVID-19 vaccination series plus at least one booster. For the health and safety of our community, Hora Shalosh also requests and expects that everyone attending camp will be up to date with vaccination protocols as specified by the CDC (available here).


All Hora Shalosh participants must test negative for COVID-19 prior to admittance to the grounds.

Additional details about testing protocols will be provided to camp participants shortly before the start of camp.


Masks will be encouraged and welcomed at camp, but not required.


These Hora Shalosh COVID safety policies and protocols are subject to change based on global COVID circumstances, applicable federal, state, and local law, and other factors. All participants must comply with COVID policies and protocols at the time of camp. No refunds will be available for individuals who choose not to attend based on a change in COVID safety policy or protocol, except as specified in the cancellation policy.

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