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These video tributes to Moshe's memory and legacy were shown on a loop throughout Hora Shalosh in "Moshe's Corner," an area curated by Michele Yakovee with assistance from Irit Eskayo, Michal Eskayo, and Eileen Weinstock, displaying artifacts from throughout Moshe's life.

Thank you to the more than two dozen Israeli dance community leaders and supporters who submitted a tribute, and particular thanks to Israel Yakovee, who spearheaded this tribute effort. Thanks also to the many people who helped to collect these recordings.

Seadia Amishai
Dudu Barzilay
Yaron Ben Simhon
Dani Dassa
Eyal Eliyahu
Victor Gabbay
Ruth Goodman
Naftali Kadosh
Shlomo Maman
Avi Peretz
Shlomo Shai
Moshe Telem
Danny Uziel
Shlomo Bachar
Marco Ben Shimon
Yaron Carmel
Phyllis & Shimmy Diamond
Irit Eskayo
Liat (Weinstock) Goldstein
Moshiko Halevy
Avi Levy
Yaron Meishar
Carina Saslavsky
Meir Shem Tov
Tuvia Tischler
Alberto Zirlinger
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